Compatible with:
1. Moccona® Capsules
2. L'OR Espresso Aluminium Capsules
Size: L 9.9 x W 3.2 x D 3 in
253 x 83 x 78 mm
Weight: 1.96 lbs
Optimum Pump Pressure:
15 bar
Infusion Pump Pressure:
12-8 bar
Water Heating
Dual heating element, metal watertank
198°F/ 92°C
Pouring Temperature:
185°F/ 85°C
Using Cold Water:
Hold button for 2 seconds 4.5 minutes to boil
(varies on water temperature)
Full Charge: 3 cups
To Instantly Make Coffee:
using Boiled or Iced Water
(for Iced Coffee)
Hold button for 5 seconds
Full Charge: 200 cups
Power Consumption & Charging Time
AC Adaptor: 12V 56W
(2.5 hours)
Car Adaptor: 12V 56W
(2.5 hours)
USB Type-C: 5V 2A
(7.5 hours)
Lithium Battery:
28.08 WH
Espresso Shot: 40-45ml
(varies on espresso grind)

Cup Material: Food Grade BPA free Tritan™ material

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